Thousands of learners are using Empathy
Productivity Increase
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Translating learning to performance.

Assess behaviours & traits
Assess demonstration of skills
Assess logic & reasoning
Personalise Learning

To address skill gaps
To build competencies
To develop capabilities
To build a community

Increased productivity
Increased business agility
Lower cost of manpower
Employee fulfilment
Empathy helps organisations achieve their business goals with an easy-to-use platform that simulates your work with the use of human-machine learning.

Simulating work for assessing readiness

Facial Emotion Analysis
Assessing Logic & Reasoning
CGH utilises Empathy to train their Triage Nurses at the Accidents and Emergency Department in triage skills by simulating the entire triage process with a patient.
Civil Service College leverages on Empathy's human-machine learning capabilities for communications training by assessing frontline officers in customer service skills.
With Empathy, NACLI develops the capabilities of grassroot leaders through peer-to-peer learning, community building and customer service skills.

Data Analysts at your fingertips

Learners are provided with an in-depth view of their capabilities as well as the ability to track their progress.
Peer provides learners with an opportunity to build learning communities and develop capabilities together.
Fluent facilitates discussions and sharing with features such as live audio and video sessions.
Peer-to-peer learning

Grow together

Extending empathy

Powerful integrations


Increase Productivity

Identify Success Indicators Identify success indicators and business goals and track your progress towards them in Empathy Insight
Align Learning with KPIs Empathy Insight makes aligning employee development with your KPIs easy and transparent
Identify Risks & Opportunities Empathy Insight's powerful predictive and prescriptive analytics provides you with operational recommendations based on your employees' streghts and weaknesses.